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Caretti Shoes

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The Company

tradizione artigianale, fatto a manoHand-crafted tradition
We are a leading company in Italy operating in the footwear sector since 1897.

101meme_pellame6Social responsibility
We select only Italian suppliers and focus on environmentally friendly processing.

leather italyContinuous innovation
We develop new solutions to anticipate trends and offer high quality products.

Our history

tradizione calzaturificio carettiThe company was established in Alessandria in 1897 by Natale Caretti. expert shoemaker who made custom footwear for men that was soon highly appreciated and renowned for the great attention to detail and, even more, for the use of ergonomic shapes to guarantee maximum foot comfort while walking.

Over time, his products became increasingly coveted among the Italian élite and the success reached in the ‘50s made the Carretti brand part of the history of Italian shoemaking.

The historical archives showcase a long list of prizes and awards, from the certificate issued by the Savoia royal family to the prizes won in exhibitions and trade shows in Italy and abroad, testifying to the high esteem in which Calzaturificio Caretti custom shoe shapes are held.

In the ‘80s the company moved to Varese, with the objective of joining one of Italy’s best-known shoemaking districts, recruiting more qualified operators to expand its already flourishing activity, increasing production and optimizing resources.

Even today, Calzaturificio Caretti is extensively known in the global quality and comfort shoe market. Caretti is synonymous with made in Italy sandals in several countries and, especially, in the Arab markets. The company is a market leader, with collections distributed worldwide.

Scientific Shoe – The Correct Fit


Giovanni Caretti, who joined his father in the ‘60s to manage the company, immediately understood the importance of paying attention to customer needs and relying on his remarkable business sense he patented the “Scientific Shoe – The Correct Fit” brand, heading the company towards a still unexplored market.

Shortly thereafter, the ergonomic and corrective shoe for kids also became part of the Caretti brand, standing out both for its specific application and the high quality offered, acknowledged as the shoe recommended by pediatricians..

This line was discontinued to leave space for the development of new collections for kids. Still, the Caretti Kicker shoes and Caretti Land Rover shoes will remain icons of Italian footwear of the ‘80s and ‘90s.


Handmade is a way of life

DSC_0023_3We have remained loyal to handmade workmanship over the years and every year we design new collections to meet the needs of increasingly demanding and refined customers.

The Caretti system is passed down from generation to generation, executing the same gestures, using the same tools, relying on the same expertise to select the leather, the most refined accessories and the same attention to detail. A tradition of quality that is at the heart of made-in-Italy production.

Our shoes are all handmade and use the finest leather on anatomically perfect shapes with meticulous attention to each single detail.

This quality has been recognized worldwide for over a hundred years as part of the legendary tradition of the Caretti atelier.


Ormalibera, the evolution continues

logo_ormalibera.fwIn 2010 the Calzaturificio Caretti registered a new brand: Ormalibera. A brand targeting younger consumers. Each season we select special materials to add new details and colors to our collections.

The evolution of the brand in 2014 goes through eCommerce, which means that a company rooted in tradition is reaching out to new international customers, ready to listen to their suggestions and make their dreams come true.