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Sole in natural rubber

The Ormalibera branded sole in natural rubber is particularly resistant to abrasion and cushions each single step you take. Though undoubtedly important, not everybody knows the difference between natural and synthetic rubber. The first is derived from the latex of a plant and is processed in a natural way, while synthetic rubber is chemically produced, with a significant impact on the environment.

Our supplier guarantees an environmentally sustainable mechanical processing that transforms raw rubber– obtained from the latex of the Hevea Brasiliensis – in sheets of varying thickness, which are then combined to develop our sole in natural rubber.

The natural element is also perfectly eco-compatible and the residue and scrap resulting from the processing is re-used in the subsequent production cycle, with zero impact. This sole will enable you to walk on any type of surface or path. Its special digitally printed design guarantees stability and control and maximum grip on any surface.

Moreover, natural rubber is considered a high quality material for the production of soles, because it can bear high loads and is flexible and resistant to abrasion, with a greater weight than plastic soles..

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